Research Question: How can young people use technology to help build a global society dedicated to peace?

Team's Objectives:
• To use technology to deliver the message of PEACE to the World.

The Team added more Challenges:

Current Global Population of 6.5 billion ONLY 880 million have access to the internet.
Utilize HIGH and LOW end technology.
Low cost, easily produced and transferable, so that other developing countries can participate in its development and distribution.
An IDEA that can be used as a learning tool adaptable for all ages, gender, and diverse cultures and religion.
A solution or IDEA that can easily deliver the message of PEACE regardless of geographical barriers and to communities with poor or lack of access to Information and Communications Technology ( I.C.T.)

Team's Solution:

CD distribution in various formats - The CD for PEACE is made out of simple pictures, quotes from famous peace loving people (blended with music) that relates to the consequences of war and benefits of a PEACEFUL society. Developed by six (6) youth from the community of San Vicente as a low cost learning tool that can easily spark positive discussion, triggers questions to stimulate reflection, increases the level of awareness as to the importance and need in promoting a culture of Global PEACE. A tool that will also inspire, motivate, and challenge youth in developing and developed countries to welcome cultural differences and become peace builders of their own. This working prototype model makes a low cost reflection tool using video producing softwares that can be mass produced and distributed in various formats. (from: VDC, MP3, DVD, SVCD and even iPod devices.)

To view the CD for PEACE DOWNLOAD

Tool for PEACE

The CD for Peace was presented during the 1st International Power Users of I.C.T. held in San Jose, Costa Rica as our youth's solution to the challenge of how they would use technology to promote a "Global Culture of Peace". The CD for Peace shares strong sentiments about the destructiveness and futility of war, in a simple message that suggests a turn peace through dialog. This low cost, low tech (in today's terms) CD has been distributed to communities in the southern Philippines ravaged by religious conflict and has been used to engage youth from those communities in a dialog with the Power User team. (pictures of youth from Region 12 viewing the CD for PEACE... view pictures). This simple tool has opened opportunities for discussion, collaboration and bridge building among youth who might have found each other on opposing sides of religious and cultural divides. The University for PEACE as our Costa Rican partner: www.upeace.org. Videos of youth continues to promote the CD for PEACE in their own communities.

Video Clip 1 [AVI format]
Video Clip 2 [AVI format]
Video Clip 3[AVI format]


A Millennium Journey

Our PODCAST version is a compilation of famous speeches of various world leaders and celebrities. Heightening the awareness of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, this low cost audio learning/reflective tool will serve as a media in addressing today's global issues. This tool can easily be shared and replicated, an initiative that can serve as an example to youth living in developed and developing countries. This can be downloaded and listened to using various formats and devices including an iPOD. DOWNLOAD


Dead River: Living Planet

This is our video entry for 2007 The Listen Up! Youth Media Network initiative. In partnership with Adobe Youth Voices, a global philanthropic youth media initiative, launched Beyond Green, an international documentary film project that asks youth worldwide, ages 13-19, to explore the environment in which they live to answer two important questions:

How do you and people in your community interact with the environment? Is there a better way?

Documenting the Pasig River which used to be an important route in Manila. However, due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become very polluted and is considered dead (unable to sustain marine life) by ecologist. This is a low cost documentary film (Title: DEAD RIVER: LIVING PLANET) which was produced and allowed our youth the power to speak out and present their own local environmental issues on a Global platform. This video also raises the level of awareness among youth which encourages for a Greener Environment as well. DOWNLOAD.


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2007 Shoot Nations

Shoot Nations is a free global youth photography competition to get young people to document what matters to them, what's right and what's wrong in their world and how to make a difference.

Our youth participated for Shoot Nations 2007 http://www.shootnations.org/gallery/ which five esteemed judges deliberated over a shortlist of 130 photographs in 9 categories, whittled down from 1500, at the Plan Offices in Camden. A Light-Box was presented to the United Nations in New York that took place on Friday 10th August for the International Youth Day.

The Judges were:
Roger Allen, Daily Mirror photographer (former photographer of the year).
Maitreyi Maheshwari, Curator of Youth Programmes at Tate Modern.
Hamish Mackenzie, Schools Development and Marketing Officer at Plan UK.
Brett Jefferson Stott, Director of Shoot Experience.
Hannah White, Events Manager of Shoot Experience.


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