HotCity Wireless recognizes that mere low-cost wireless connectivity for the underprivileged citizens is not enough. The organization feels that having the ability to communicate faster and cheaper is just one step closer to bridging the digital divide.

The underprivileged Barangay San Vicente which was once underserved is now capable of communicating to the outside world. Our simple "line of site" network has widened the citizen's means of communication and learning space. Their designated public library and their own streets were not just part of their "classic" classrooms, but the world has now become a part of their learning environment as well

Our focus now is to advance the use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) by way of Global Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange. HotCity Wireless perceives this approach to be beneficial to its underprivileged citizens that will provide them with: a) Opportunities to develop and upgrade their technology skills, b) Share information, resources and research work with developed countries, and c) Encourage inclusive participation of the youth as local community builders and be contributors in achieving a positive Global change.


The Power Users Initiative deals with what people can learn about children who have developed sophisticated technology skills. It is just one example of changing patterns of learning, challenging schools. It raises important questions on behalf of educators. The challenge of the Power Users Initiative will be how to translate the long-term research into a continuous flow of information to inform education ministries for purposes of developing education policy

Dr. Ulf Lundin Executive Director of European Schoolnet at WSIS, Geneva, 2003


Collaboration: Linked to the world

HotCity Wireless identified and approached institutions in the region and abroad, who share similar needs, expertise, and infrastructures. Our collaboration with Education and Development Center (EDC) gave us an opportunity to represent the Philippines in the 1st International Symposium of Power Users of ICT. This global initiative is through a long term research plan exploring the potential of young Power Users of ICT by engaging the youth in Learning Challenges designed to address the United Nation's Millennium Goals (MDG).

We facilitated in the selection of six (6) youth who are exclusive residents of Barangay San Vicente. After the selection, the team was given a challenge question in meeting the objectives of the Symposium, as well as the Technology and Peace UN Millennium Goal, which involves responding to the question, "How can young people use technology to help build a global society dedicated to peace?"

The CD for PEACE, a working prototype, was developed and was presented by the Philippine Power Users of ICT Team during the symposium. The Philippine Power Users of ICT Team continues to promote the use of the prototype in their own community and across the religious/cultural divide with children from the southern islands of Mindanao.

More on the CD for Peace, video clips and pictures


Technology is a powerful tool for development. We welcome this initiative and hope it will spearhead new ideas and action in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Amir A. Dossal Executive Director of the UN for International Partnership Summit Launched International Research Initiative for Youth, Technology, and Learning UN Headquarters December 2004 Power User Initiative



Our Web Conferencing Tool: Our Virtual Learning Environment

The Philippine Power Users of ICT and the rest of the Power Users around the world, continue to utilize its synchronous web conferencing tool. Provided for us by EDC and Learning Times, this tool has allowed us to create comprehensive solutions utilizing live collaboration, conferencing and E-learning. This synchronous web meeting software expands the team's Global Reach and performs complex work across distances, and can easily disseminate findings and activities to a broader group.

Our youth together with their public school teachers of the Barangay San Vicente (North) and the City of Lucena (South) met virtually live on line for the first time. HotCity Wireless facilitated the launching of this historic collaborative event naming it: The North Meets South and the "First Hello". This event was participated by day care children who are five (5) years of age, teenagers from our communities from the Northern and Southern Philippines, City Mayor of Lucena, teachers, education superintendent, EDC and Learning Times. They addressed for the very first time their "First Hello" to the world and experienced a Virtual Learning Environment. (To listen to the recording of this historic event, please log-in to Power Users of Information Technology Online Community . If you are an existing member or a password and username has been provided please log-in directly.)

We see this collaboration as an initial start of Distance Learning between urban and rural youth. We are optimistic that this will promote: a) Wider and equal distribution in advancing teachers and learners, b) increase awareness of the youth as community builders, c) passing on the skills and knowledge to other community members, d) broaden the youth's academic skills and respect the diversity of the world, and most importantly e) develop research and development agendas that represents a prioritized set of information supporting a positive Global endeavor.

Act Locally Advance Globally: From Barangay to City to REGIONS to THE WORLD

HotCity Wireless will be aiming for more participants of the Power Users of ICT initiative. We will strive to reach out for more collaboration and knowledge sharing between other regions in the Philippines and the developed world. Two areas we have targeted which could benefit greatly from this initiative are: Regions 5 and 12. The aforementioned regions are plagued by internal conflicts and insurgencies affecting the whole country for almost thirty years. (More on: Region 4/Region 5 and Region 12). News released by World Press gave us more reasons to reach out to the southern Philippines. (click for... more)

We will continue to identifying and approach more regions in the Philippines that have different culture, value system or religion to participate and collaborate with us. HotCity Wireless will be facing a much more difficult task in reaching out to these regions. Due to geographical barriers, parts of these areas can only be connected by acquiring and using satellite internet connections. We feel the need outweighs the cost. Future collaboration between youth from Regions 5 and 12 which we will be naming: TOGETHER FOR PEACE….CONNECTED WE LEARN.


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We are evolving towards a Community of Self Learners and Practice. All of our past, current activities/events, recorded web cast, blogs and discussions are posted in the Power Users Learning Times. This collaborative tool provides us a wide range of opportunities to real time interaction, virtual meeting room, live video conferencing, collaboration and continues to establish a network with other peers from different parts of the globe.

It is a vital learning place on the web for our youth, community teachers/leaders, local/ international educators and researchers as well.

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