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The First International Symposium of Power Users of ICT, teams of young "Power Users" from around the world participated in exciting learning challenges geared toward finding solutions and making recommendations to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Teams of young people from Costa Rica, Latin America, Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, China, and the Philippines convened in San Jose, Costa Rica at this dynamic and exciting event... view

An E-Newsletter of the 1st International Power Users Symposium. This issue covers: Message from the Executive Director of EDC; Program Update; and an introduction of the Philippine Power Users of ICT Team of its participation in the Symposium...more

Dr. Ulf Lundin, Executive Director of European Schoolnet citing the importance and challenges of the Power Users Initiative. Dr. Joyce Malyn-Smith, Director of Education Development Center gives a comprehensive outlook…more [PDF]

A press release by Education Development Center outlying Symposium Results; it's next steps; and recognition of the works of Australia and Philippine Teams...more [PDF]

Press release from the Stockholm Challenge Award presenting 151 ICT projects as finalist for seven Challenge trophies for 2006... more [PDF]

A press release posted on the Stockholm Challenge website, an audio interview with Earl Mardle of the Stockholm Challenge and HotCity Wireless Co-Founder Jay Plaza posted on January 19, 2007... more

Digital Government published an article about our initiative in the Philippines. To view its online publication...more


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