The Philippines is facing life challenges. There are many barriers preventing the underprivileged youth and communities from competing with other world communities. Accessibility and affordability are the main key reason that discourages the citizenry to acquire high-speed internet access, and further resulted in the poor downtake of personal computers in every household. (View video)

In many parts of the Philippines today, telecommunication infrastructures are either poorly constructed or missing entirely. The number of Filipino citizens living below the poverty line has been steadily increasing. This affects the purchasing capacity of each and every Filipino community. These difficulties have made it nearly impossible for the local communities to connect to the network world. The disadvantaged citizens are downtrodden and have lost hope.

There is increased discontent on the part of the general population towards the lack of significant government contribution and support in developing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) programs. This crisis has prompted our organization to act on behalf of these local communities. (View video)

Barangay San Vicente: Our Initial Challenge

HotCity Wireless has chosen Barangay San Vicente, to be the first community to adapt the use of low-cost wireless internet connectivity. This barangay (community) is now a shining example to other underserved communities in the Philippines . HotCity Wireless has chosen Barangay San Vicente for its local government leadership has given its support and its pledge of community involvement in our initiative. The local barangay has allowed free access to the internet (via the HotCity Wireless Initiative) in its public library and future collaborative involvement that will require their citizens (targeting the youth, educators, and women) participation.

Challenges we have overcome: Our Solutions

By an 'information society' we mean one in which human capacity is expanded, built up, nourished and liberated, by giving people access to the tools and technologies they need, with the education and training to use them effectively”

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General United Nations


The next challenge for HotCity Wireless is to find affordable solution so that underprivileged residents of Barangay San Vicente can have affordable internet access from their homes.

HotCity Wireless initiated an outdoor WiFi deployment using inexpensive, off the shelves routers, recycled/used computers and other WiFi equipment that is currently providing internet access to anyone within range of the base. This "line of sight" fixed infrastructural network uses a M.A.S.T. antennae tower which serves as a host and delivers a 2-3 kilometer radius Hot Zone. This provides a shared broadband internet access for the local community. (vicinity map).

Another important HotCity Wireless initiative is our WiFi on Wheels program (a moving infrastructure). Instead of building stationary transmitter towers to reach nearby barangays, HotCity Wireless has been experimenting with a "Mobile Access Point" which we consider a ubiquitous broadband access to be a public amenity equivalent to a "moving" public library on wheels. Pictures of our WiFi on Wheels in action. (Video 1, Video 2)

Overall, we have overcome the barriers in connecting the unconnected. Our simple WiFi outdoor propagation, allowed us to transform Barangay San Vicente as the "First Wireless Barangay" in the Philippines . We envision economically disadvantaged and cash-strapped cities and regions in the country, motivating more local government leadership and policy makers to partake in building affordable wireless network in their own respective communities. HotCity Wireless perceives more urban and rural low-income areas, and other local government leadership to follow our initiative on a nationwide scale considering its low start-up cost.

From barangay to City Scale: Our secondary challenge

HotCity Wireless is putting its primary initiative to the greatest test. To present to city government and policy makers our solution towards bridging the poor to the network world.

The City Mayor of Lucena City accepted our presentation for the city's solution to their last-mile issues. The leadership of City Mayor Ramon Talaga is convinced that wireless broadband is a viable alternative in improving its education, understands the need for Global Collaboration, and expressed its interest for its youth to participate towards global change. City funds initially started in the allocation of purchasing personal computers, while HotCity Wireless will provide free technical wireless solutions for the city's public schools as their primary approach for their last mile issues. This initiative sparks the interest of the Philippine media. To view the news coverage and Lucena City's community involvement, click Media coverage

To officially welcome the participation of the City of Lucena, the youth from Barangay San Vicente and Lucena City initiated a synchronous on-line collaboration. It was a historic moment wherein the Philippine Power Users of ICT (San Vicente as North) and Lucena City Youth (South) met for the very first time. HotCity Wireless facilitate the initiative using Elluminate Live Synchronous Media calling the historic event as: "North Meets South" and the "First Hello". (To listen to the recording of this historic event, please log-in to Power Users of Information Technology Online Community. If you are an existing member or a password and username has been provided please log-in directly.)


HotCity Wireless is putting its primary initiative to the greatest test. To present to city government and policy makers our solution towards bridging the poor to the network world.


Our 2008 Challenge:
Floating back to school initiative using e-PC ( Efficient- Personal Computer)

This will be a very exciting and challenging initiative. We hope to establish a Floating Learning Center deep in the heart of Mindanao's Agusan Basin where indigenous ethnic tribes live on floating homes. This part of the region is also one of Asia's most important transit points for wild birds. A semi-permanent lake where many square kilometres of lily pads, hyacinths and other hydrophobic plants spread out like an enormous green quilt. While in the dark tea-colored waters live numbers of catfish, carp, soft-shell fresh water turtles, and crocodiles.


Our Floating Back to School Initiative will be equipped with personal computers with WiFi capability with ultra low voltage power supply. These ultra low power PC will be powered by pedal power. (diagram). This initiative could just be the First Floating Wireless Community in the Philippines or could be the world's first.


Kindly contact us if you wish to be part of this challenging initiative. (Click: pictures of the Marsh)
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